A-year since its debut on our shores, the Uniqlo +J line is back for its third season consisting of an array of over 100 items. The turnout for the press preview wasn’t as overwhelming as the last; it was way too early in the morning to be spending SGD399 and SGD249 on an outerwear and knitwear respectively.

At first glance, the pieces looked similar as the first collaboration but there’s more to it; a little more volume, texture, the length and proportions is ‘unexpected’. The cuts are slimmer but it’s not something that will compliment all body type, one definitely has to shed a few pounds in order to pull the boxy outerwear.

While I would love to own each and every piece possible, the price was definitely out of reach for the average shopper like myself. Perhaps if there was a formal introduction regarding the new fabrication used (if any) to justify the price increase then maybe we won't to hesitate spend a little more but for now, I’ll wait patiently for the clearance sale.

Images By Ridhwan Sesapar.



  1. The cuts Jil Sander uses in this collection are definitely not for the more heavily built, however, whilst like you say the prices are just not plausible for many, when you compare them to Jil Sander's older designer collections the +J stuff is cheap!

  2. heyy! love these styles! great post.

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