I would never imagined myself walking the same cobblestone steps as Stefano Tonchi or even inhaling Giovanna Battaglia's chain of puffs. (That lady smokes like a chimney, I tell you!) To witness Fendi Spring-Summer 2011 live was surreal—so euphoric that it is equivalent to touching Sebastien Jondeau (Yeap, did that too!) — or like being a part of the September Issue documentary. 

While Ridhwan gushes about every model that walked out, I was numb from any emotions but I almost bawled seeing Anna Wintour seated front row. It was completely overwhelming. And before I had time to shed any tears, it was time to head backstage. We entered, stood there, mouth open and hands shaking. I simply couldn’t believe my eyes, Abbey Lee and Freja Beha striking a pose in front of me. I died.

I revived from my short-term death (I couldn’t recall much, everything was such a blur) and there he was, Karl Lagerfeld with beau-dyguard, Sabastien. I’ve travelled 18 hours and overcame my fear of flying; I wouldn’t miss any opportunity to be near them so I squeezed my way through. And you would think I will say hi and shook his hand, right? Wrong. I stood beside him in awe and I had my moment.

I will have unlimited bragging rights, period. Until I sit at the same dinner table with him, I’ll probably talk about this for eternity. It is after all the ultimate fashion experience and to forever be the initial team from our field (locally) is definitely an honor. Till this day, I could still smell his hair. Kaiser Karl, till we meet again. In Paris someday?

Images By Ridhwan Sesapar.



  1. OMG I'm so jealous of you guys! I'm all stranded in this white coat world HAHA

  2. Goodness. Abbey Lee, Freja, Karl AND ANNA WINTOUR?! I think I would have died of a heart attack to see such people together.

  3. Totally had goosebumps (in a good way) while reading this! Sounds really fun :)

  4. Naboonies:
    White coat is chic! See you soon in Sg!

    I died alright, it was amazing!

    That's good! Will post more about our milan trip soon!


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