Trust Bottega Veneta to deliver true luxury with its superior quality products that reek venerable Italian craftsmanship. Cosumers who prefer a quiet elegance and have well past the 'logomania' phase would invest in a good piece from BV any day. Now they can do so at the newly-opened Marina Bay Sands store. Bottega Veneta's products are understated and effortless, its consumers are confident and well-assured of their social statuses, a BV doesn't even need to serve as a symbol of wealth. Each item is a piece from a lifestyle that reads 'I have arrived' without screaming so.

There were numerous occasions where I was floored by BV's confections. Most notably was (and still is!) the crimson intercciato nappa brief from SS'09 for which I'm willing to subject myself to menial labour. It's a bit dated but it can be my staple anytime, you have to see it for youself. Now, advice to those who can't wait to get your hands on its latest season - which includes a particular affluent teacher I spy in school who wears BV head-to-toe all days of the week - you may head down to the Marina Bay Sands store because you'll be glad to find that it's the only store in Singapore that carries the Resort Collection. Yes, and we all know resort works very well with our weather.

So the next time you are looking for something timeless, classic and epicly gratifying all at the same time you might want to head down to Marina Bay Sands and into the Bottega Veneta boutique. With BV we can all try not to be a walking billboard with the 'logomania' already.

Images By Ridhwan Sesapar.


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