WORST OF S/S 2011.

It was tough picking the ones I dislike because I thought everything was good and some were beyond great this season. I’ve settled for two brands; one is simply atrocious and another failed to capture Gianni Versace’s repertoire of the 1980s. (And i shall leave Zac Posen alone because i fell in love with him after watching The Hills. PS: He made it to the list last season.)

Balmain S/S 11 Paris
We don’t need a crystal ball to predict who will top the charts of our ‘worst of’ list for Balmain will always have a place in the hearts of Bloggers who lacks taste. Each season, the process of designing a Balmain collection is a breeze; Christophe Decarnin adopts twenty cats from the animal shelter, cage them in a room and let them rip the hell out of last season’s jeans. The result is a replica of last season’s collection with bigger holes and more bleach stains.

While I do like the play of metal hardware, this collection could easily fit into GUESS by Marciano window display (and has Ke$ha's name written all over)—and that’s not a good thing.

Versus S/S 11 Milan
This would probably be the only time you see any facial expression on Donatella Versace, she’s literally begging for Botox to hide the embarrassment on her face during the finale!

Versus as we all know is the ‘younger’ line for Versace, designed by Christopher kane. I feel that Christopher Kane failed tremendously and he couldn’t capture the essence of a younger Versace. Instead he infuses his namesake label to this collection. It’s a pity because I love the designs, the presentation and accessories but I dislike the fact that it doesn’t look like Versace’s junior line.Had this been Miu Miu, this would be a whole different story altogether.



  1. Is it fair to say that you subscribe to this 'Bloggers who lacks taste' you're describing? If not, you wouldn't know they adore Balmain!

    And oh my, I thought Dr. Lee wore a Balmain military-inspired jacket once!

  2. I think this was referring to a once upon a time when bloggers rave about Balmain and streestyle blogs were embracing editors wearing Balmain. I still do see some bloggers who go on and on about Balmain and maybe it was amazing 5,6 seasons ago but now it's getting really stale. The fact that someone disagree (and not able to exchange views without being offended) also means that you've proven a point. Good Job.

    And hmm Dr. Lee? I'm lost someone please explain?

  3. Yes, i was partially referring to bloggers of the past and myself included. It was great few seasons ago and i am still waiting for some sort of "revival" from Balmain.

    No it is not fair to say that... besides 'liking' pages and following tweets, i don't subscribe to them.

    Dr.Lee wore Balmain and it looked great with her Freja heels. The piece she wore was from a collection 2-3 seasons back, i think. Like i've said, it was amazing then.

    PS: more on Dr.Lee. http://onesixtynotepad.blogspot.com/2010/05/dr-georgia-lee_24.html

  4. I want that top!

    Sarah of Steel City Street Styles


  5. I hold the exact sentiments on Versus.

  6. Is it jus me or was versus a lame Rodarte FW2010 rip-off:)
    You can do better CKane!! I believe in you!!


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