WORST OF F/W 2010.11

I thought why write about a collection I love (that would be Lanvin, Dries, Balenciaga etc) when there’s more to hate. Plus, we all know I’m not a miss positive Patty to begin with. Ugly is fine, but safe is a ‘no-no’, here’s my top three for worst of Fall 2010.
At number three, Christopher Decarnin for Balmain. When Christopher Decarnin first designed for Balmain, (I think it was fall 2006) it was undistinguished. It was in Fall 2007 that he was the pioneer of the whole disco, rock-chick, bold shoulders and sequins phenomenon that got everyone jumping on the bandwagon. By Spring 2009 we were all bored of Balmain—it was the same thing at ridiculously high prices. This season, we’re still stuck in the same situation with added pantsuit in the collection. Pantsuit and tie-collar blouse ala Givenchy, where did that come from? I still don’t get what the hype is about when it comes to Balmain, maybe it’s the celebrity influences and images at Jak & Jil that got everyone worship Balmain. As for me, this collection is not hideous and i like it but, it is definitely getting old.

Coming in second is Zac posen for his namesake label. You see, once upon Fall 2007, I was madly in love with that collection. There were many wearable pieces and it was New York. I disagree with some of the fabrics used but, the gown that Gwyneth Paltrow wore at the Oscar was perfect and I love that pieces. And then somehow, he evolved into the daddy of all prom tackiness, everything was pretty, pretty and it gets prettier every season. With many great talents now showing in New York and if compared to the rest, Zac Posen’s collection was the weakest.

Emanuel Ungaro by Estrella Archs. Lilo was not involved but seriously? Forever 21 has got more innovation than this collection. Never liked Emanuel Ungaro since Peter Dundas. It could have been worst!



  1. I totally agree on the one on Balmain. Strong shoulders ain fresh anymore.

  2. im tired of the theme/directions, its been more than three seasons already. and bold shoulders too.

  3. yes, yes, yes. WHAI OH WHAI PETER DUNDAS? i miss his work at Emanuel Unargo. SIGH. It's time for Balmain to change their direction. change their designer or sth. that, or the christopher guy should seriously opt for drugs or sth to get him more inspired and creative. I suggest LSD. hmmm. and zac is the queen of prom tackiness indeed.but i guess that's just the way he is. never was interested in his work. (exceot for that one collection that was inspired by the Shakers)

  4. i wish Ungaro would sort itself out and get back on track. Back in the day they were amazing. It's a shame to constantly see it making bad business choices.

  5. You have no idea how much I love you at the moment (besides my increasing taste towards your blog)! You took the words right out of my mouth! I browsed the shows at Balmain and Posen online, but not Em. and was completely horrified at the bland-ish designs!

    Never been so disappointed in two of my fave designers.


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