Just yesterday I went on a two-day ‘do-you-work-dinie-no-sleep’ marathon and I fell asleep while sitting on the toilet seat while getting ready. (No I wasn’t doing anything, just taking a nap I swear) I was late for class and then I decided not to turn up at all because life is a mess and I couldn’t take it so, the logical thing to do was to crawl back to bed and avoid all phone calls. Now, I’m kinda mad at myself for being such a sloth. I’m still not back on track with everything yet (As you can see. It's 5am now) but I hope to get hold of everything by this week.

I am drowning in shitloads of work ya’ll. Ya’ll. Ya’ll. School is killing me. Oh, did I mention that I took up a job as a man-nanny? Yes, a Manny. Too much responsibility yet so little time! Trying my best to juggle school, MYKROMAG, a job and in the midst of moving out to a new home. I have to sardine myself with the rest of the family in a house while waiting for the other house in June. Can you imagine the stress I’m going through right now with assessment and shits?

The funny thing, the invites and sponsorship are coming in like crazy! There are about eight events next week and two interviews and I don’t even know what to do about it! I thought I had it all figured out at the beginning of the semester but no it didn’t turn out as well as I thought it would be. Why do all good things have to happen at this point of time! Omg stress.

Thankfully I’ll be on my way for doctor's appointment in abit and we all know how it’s like. I always return happy. So I’ll see you later?


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