Thank you for the invites Club21 Singapore! Another successful event since Dolce & Gabbana, the DKNY Spring Summer 2010 show scores with massive turnout. It was held at the Ferrari showroom, off Leng kee Road last Thursdays. If not for class being cancelled on that day, this would be the fourth invite that I had to turn down!

Reception starts at 7 onwards, it was already packed when I arrived 5 minutes after. The crowd starts flooding in and they ran out of champagne an hour later. The turnout was that massive but not long before they topped-up on the Moets!

The runway show was presented in a separate room; we went thru a tiny door and walkway before it reveals a space with many cushioned stool arranged in a ‘digital number eight’ shape. The runway was slippery and models had troubles walking, one did a Stam and fell.

I did not focus on the clothes that much. I had one drink (with an empty stomach of two days) before the show and I’m already not thinking straight. Which made the event even better I thought and got even better after that when we topped up on the drinks? Plus, I was taking pictures because our photographer had to serve the country.

I have not met the same bunch in a very long time. It’s been months! It was great to get to meet up for a short while that day. I went home happy.



  1. Looks like i can be nice "hand model"! tsk...kidding!

    Great to cya dinie!& u're looking good as always! :D aliciat

  2. hahah nice meeting you too! idk to shake your hand or to hug you. hahaha.

  3. More than one model fell ;)

  4. oh really more than one?!!
    i only heard of one. whoa it must be really slippery.

  5. Yes, it was extremely slippery. I know I fell, and at least 2 other girls fell as well!! :(

  6. Thank you :) I am, just a few bruises and minor embarrassment! ;)

  7. Awesome blog here! Love the backstage pictures especially. and we have the same list of streetstyle blog preferences.. LOVEEE em :)

    Farrah @ DISTRIKMODE

  8. Yes dinie! i was wondering why you stick your hand time always rmb to XX me! HAHA! I<3hugs!
    And ya.. i heard 2 loud thuds as well.
    I feels for them! -aliciat


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