When UNIQLO says they’re going to give us a store preview, they really mean it. The mall was still under construction! Us before any one else, from Ritz Carlton, where the fashion show was held, we were chauffeured in a coach to the new store. UNIQLO at 313@somerset is the largest Southeast Asian Store, 17,000 square feet of UNIQLO goodness!

UNIQLO at 313@somerset will be the only store to carry the +J collection in Singapore, also the first in SE Asia to showcase UNIQLO’s baby collection. Other exclusive pieces include collaboration with famed cult designer Mr.Kiminori Morishita.

I can’t hold my excitement any longer, enough of facts! I have to tell you about yesterday! It was madness! We got off the coach, was greeted by many foreign workers (whoa, red carpet moment) and up to the new 313@somerset building for the preview. Everyone was running towards the +J collection, things were off the racks! Seeing so many people grabbing the +J pieces, I was worried that I wouldn’t get my hands on any! People were trying on clothes like mad but we waited till the last minute to shop since it was too hectic to have pictures taken and to try on the stuff. (Which btw, I find it extremely rude for most of the people who were shopping to ignore the UNIQLO representative’s speech.)

This just in: The PR confirmed that there’s a queue of 200 this morning! I suggest you make your way down to UNIQLO at 313@somerset (#03-27 to 34) now to get your hands on the much anticipated +J collection before it’s gone

Images By Ridhwan Sesapar.



  1. You look like you're judging me in our picture!

    MCK judging you!

  2. whoa this is crazy! is the +J collection good?? gosh hate it when i can't be there!


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