While researching on a project, I stumbled (I’ve seen it somewhere before but forgot all about it.) upon ‘Bringing Home The Birkin’ by Michael Tonello. Story of his quest in search of the mother of all bags: the Birkin.

I’ve always wanted this book, but now I want it more because it now comes in croc leather. I don’t mind the paperback version also if anyone of you is thinking of buying me one! Never mind, I’ll make a quick stop at the library to see if they have this book or you can read the gist on

A brief history about the birkin:
The Birkin bag was name after English-born actress/singer and film director, Jane Birkin.While on a plane with Hermès's CEO Jean-Louis Dumas in 1984 on a Paris to London flight, she opened her Hermès-made datebook and a flurry of loose notes fell to the floor. Dumas took her datebook and returned it a few weeks later with a pocket sewn into the back (which has since become standard). Birkin went on to discuss with Dumas her difficulty in finding a leather weekend bag and at his prompting, described her ideal. Shortly thereafter, the bag she described arrived at her flat with a note from Dumas. – From my old Blog.

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Illustration By Ridhwan Sesapar.



  1. an amazing book! read it 3 times and never enough of it! Kino sells them at $26.39! you'll be transfixed and wanting more!

  2. thanks for the tip! the price is so accurate lol.

  3. might wanna note that the cover isn't really croc leather, just printed hardcover.


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