The photographer bestfriend (that’s his new title since he was mentioned in Strait Times Urban) Ridhwan, likes to do foolish thing and embarrasses me in the public. He just had to do that when our picture was taken! There was passerby mind you! I’m shameless most of the time but he never fails to make me blush! Just what I need after a long run down orchard road trying to get our hands on the August Issue of style: magazine! We were told that it’s going to be a spread but we didn’t expect it to be so huge!

So huge, that my mum had to whore the article at the park across our home. Like as if her Indonesian and Pilipino maid friends would care about my existence in a magazine.Hah. Maybe they can look at Colin Wee instead.

On that note, style: is my favorite local magazine ever but I’ve stop buying since Daniel left. In my opinion it was more personal then and in every Editor’s Note column he wrote, I feel like I was part of style: journey. Now, stories are getting better, very informative and most importantly current.

I beg you to buy the latest copy of style: and make it the best-selling issue ever! (Don’t forget to email style:, you’re buying because of us, not Joanne Peh. Haha) I’ve managed to convince my mum to get all the mature audiences to buy! (they might get another one if it comes with a free gift!)

Finally thanks to the style: team; Sharon, Lena, Leef and the friends who made it happen, Carlos and Nisa! Also, X-wen did a post on our feature and OneSixtyNotepad on her blog! Lastly thanks to Ridhwan, you’re the best thing ever! Yes, I'm really sweet, i know.



  1. This is such great news! And oh my, the spread is damn huge! What's next? Being featured in Vogue Girl? just kidding LOL!

  2. My mom will definitely buy this issue. Haha.

  3. Ok, I'm really behind things... been a long break from blogging but summer holiday was to perfect to care about the internet. But now I'm back on track.


  4. The magazine led me to you! And now I'm a follower. Haha.


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