Singapore 'Fashion Bloggers' were featured in Straits Times's Urban. An article which seems to be questioning the credibility of bloggers as writer. It wasn't direct, I'm sure most people get the same vibe.Well at least most of my friends does. Will i be the next blogger excluded from upcoming feature after saying this? Probably.

Don't make it sound as if Susie and Bryanboy didn't deserve what they got.Things don't just fall from the sky. We're not Heidi Montag, it doesn't work like that.

I don't think it's appropriate to change the question and replace it with another, it portrays and mislead people to have a different perception. Editing is fine, but to substitute with a different question, i think that's very PEOPLE magazine.If you'd ask me "excuse me, are you an expert?" of course i would say NO. If you asked what qualifies me as an expert, i would say streetsmarts but certainly not "I'M STREETSMARTS". Bad pulicity is still publicity. Oh well.

You can read the article here and here



  1. saw the piece! well done for getting featured.

    might i ask, indonesians? : D

  2. Thanks Tish!
    Are u asking if Im indonesian?
    Im local, from Singapore.

  3. hi! i've been following your blog for a little while and im excited to find out you're from NAFA! me too! :D which batch are you in? im from MM'07. its great to see nafa's alumni become shiny and famous :) and they changed the question? good grief, ST never fails to continually screw up their already horrible reputation. ugh.

  4. Hey, im from NAFA but not an alumni.
    Im in FD.
    thanks for reading!

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  6. new fashion blog up! check it out : )

    the beginning of something (hopefully) beautiful.

  7. Plastiqgurl: Hey thanks!

    Lucidcouture: ill check it now


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