Jil, Raf, and Prada before everything else. That's the order of menswear collection according to my book. First click on Jil Sander Spring 2010, i had a Miranda Priestly moment. Instead of " Florals, for spring...groundbreaking" it was more like
"Child, did u eat Miuccia's Remifemin menopause pills because i see some Prada's trembled Blossoms ". Maybe i sound like that because i just finished watching The Bad Girls Club.

The house of Jil Sander is going to be the next Chanel. Predictable. Haven't we seen enough lengthened jacket, button-up shirt, navy blue and pastels way too many times?! I have absolutely nothing to say in terms of design, i've always liked everything but, i wanna see something fresh. By fresh i don't mean 'Trembled Blossoms' fabricating method being applied to a menswear collection. Put a model in a square-shaped pants, i don't care, at least that's something new.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jil Sander, i was so impressed by Fall's hour-glass shape jacket, in comparison to this washed-out collection, it was a major letdown.


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