The picture doesn’t have much relevance to this post, but it sends the message across.

"Don't go too fast. Because of reality television, everyone imagines they can just be a fashion designer, photographer, or model. That's not the way things go. Learn your craft."-- A quote by the HBIC from the upcoming The Teen Vogue Handbook: Guide to Careers in Fashion.

That quote, was the précis of my frustrations when discussing the local fashion industry. Who am I to evaluate the individual rights to hound their passion? Anyway, did you want to be in the industry because a) It feels right to do it. b) After watching the entire season of project runway c) Ashley Isham’s rag to riches fairytale story.

Option B and C seems to be the most popular answer. I feel that while Ashley’s story was very inspiring, it only misleads my community to think that the only acceptable way for a guy to be effeminate or gay is to be a fashion designer. Thus, that explains the increase of you-know-what in local Fashion schools.

In the past (before the hype of Ashley Isham), relatives would be disgusted if they were told that ‘ I was doing fashion’, my mom would only say that I was enrolled in an art institution. Did we know anything about the designer before he made a guest appearance on ANTM? Will Singapore recognize his achievements if not for his appearance on a reality show?

Back to the picture, did u see how Anna is looking at Kanye? That is exactly how I look at some of my peers. Anna Wintour made me realise that i should not compare myself to anyone else because, me and you are two different individual. Anna Wintour is not Anna Dello Russo. I do not invest in things i do not understand. Anna Wintour a high-school dropout, work her way up the ladder of success, as for Kanye, his already-famous status gave him leeway to magically appear as part of the industry. I do not respect people as such.

That’s all.



  1. The society tends to be influenced by mass media. That's the root of this problem. They easily fall prey into TV's clever marketing ploys, they don't read other than glossy magazines, and the pack mentality is strong (especially among us Asians I think)

  2. I feel the same way too. When people ask me what i'm going to study and i say 'fashion design' most say something along the lines of, "oh, like project runway?" i'm happy that the show has made fashion design more mainstream but people seem to trivialize the work now. Oh, and my relatives still react when told that I'm about to do fashion.

  3. That's exactly why I'm tired of all the celebrity labels/ collaborations flooding the market now. These people have no design pedigree and are using their fame to get a leg up. It'd be better if the opportunity was given to a design student instead.

  4. hey u heard of furqan saini fashion stylist? he's an inspiration...he went no further than sec school, yet he's so successful now due to all his hard work.


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