The show started one and a half hour late (if not two hours) with the clothes arriving ten minutes after the show was supposed to begin. RESUSCITATION presentation was divided into 3 parts – ‘ WOODS & WOODS A/W 09 – Stranger than fiction’, ‘look back away from the glare’ and ‘ WOODS & WOODS n Work Wardrobe Installation’.
Lights dimmed, what seems to be some sort of Gregorian chant was playing in the background; like an aggressive poetry or a sermon.

The pieces were rather innovative in a sense that every single design on garments was new but not awkward-looking. I particularly liked the J-stitch style line running across diagonally on the coat’s front. The silhouette too was interesting; it has an actual boxy/column figure with an illusion of an hourglass silhouette. It was simply the choice of two or more different fabrics and patchwork used on a single garment, creating an illusion that it takes in on the waist or empire.
Pants were worn high, with belt holes placed lower below the waistline creating that paper-bag-tulip effect, defining the back. The zippers were exposed, without any zipper flaps to cover.

The collection was very masculine, using felt-like Russian fabrics; the clever cuts and added details such as dart soften the whole look. The pants would looks too solid with no movement if not for the double darts or gathers at the back.
There wasn’t much singles, mostly outers or bottoms and hats. I guess the economy too has it influences on designer to create investment pieces. I really like the collection as a whole, casting, styling, and the simple settings for the show was really appropriate.

Images by Ridhwan Sesapar.



  1. looks really cool! : ) wish i could've come...

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  2. love the silhouette and detailling.. i want it i want it


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