Partnering with WOODS & WOODS, the people at Asia Pacific Breweries (commonly known as Tiger Beer) invited both Ridhwan and me for WOODS & WOODS A/W 09-10 show.
By collaborating with the show, Tiger Beer hopes to reach out to wider audiences with their campaign of ‘Get Your Sexy Back’—A youth-led moderate drinking programme that reaches out to young adults of today, encouraging them to practice moderate and responsible drinking.

The location was at Mohamed Sultan (same location as SFW), an invite-only event that was packed with industry (and empire building) people, friends and the usual party-crashers club kids. Like any other events I’ve been to, I had to struggle with the ‘blogger’ status. Asia Pacific Breweries had us on the front row and the people behind us were clearly not happy about it knowing that we’re ‘just bloggers’. It’s the same plastic chair; it shape, same density and probably made in the same china factory, why the hell are you bitching? You’re at the back and I’m in the front, Michael Jackson is dead, deal with it! I hate it when I have to deal with such hierarchy issues. It’s not where u sit or if your eyeliner is thicker than mine, it’s about how u get the collection!

After the show, we had one on one time with the designer. He was very soft-spoken and reserved but he went on explaining about his collection….. Until two girls rudely interrupted our session and he ran out of the building. Oh yes, I did an interview (which I hope you won’t see) with a media person; thank god for alcohol, I wasn’t nervous!
It’s not the drinking, it’s how you’re drinking!

Photos by Ridhwan Sesapar



  1. sounds and looks great.

    the looks you've captured are inspiring too : )

    keep on blogging and don't mind the questioning of others on bloggers' reputations - they're just in denial ;)

  2. great and accurate account of the reception! btw, I'm also one of the people in these photos! :)

  3. where are those sling back sandals you are wearing from.Its subtle and ferocious.


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