We’ll ever see anything like Christian Dior Fall Couture 2006 ever again--It was the most impressive collection to date. To see no Anna on Couture week and seeing no red at Valentino, this season was disappointing.

Lacroix was expected not to show this season, but he did. A shows with a story to tell but it was mediocrity that he presented.
Im baffled, Givenchy looking a little like Theysken, the only thing that could relate to Tisci’s esthetic was studs and more metal studs to follow. Speaking of copycats, the obvious was Elie Saab with an all-white show, it was beautiful. Karl Lagerfeld did that at the same exact location where Saab showed his Fall Couture.

I love what Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli did at Valentino.The workmanship that went to each individual piece was impressive, despite it not looking anything like Valentino. Yes, I won’t discuss Chanel.

Image via WWD



  1. totally agree! this season's couture line up sort of fell short of the usual drama that comes with couture week.

    psh, blame it on the recession... although i did love the nudes and blacks at valentino - they should've added hints of red perhaps : )

  2. i had enought of the recession! tahts no excuse! haha. i want huge dresses and i want it now!

    valentino is one of my fav, but then its not really looking like the house.


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