With Paragon welcoming yet another men’s luxury brand to its godless paradise, there  is absolutely no excuse for working men to dress poorly—not that there was any in sight at yesterday’s event, guests were dandy from head to toe. 

It was undoubtedly a celebration for the men at the grand opening of Canali flagship store; they were treated to a night of decadent Italian fashion showcase and exhibition. The brand’s heritage was exhibited proudly along the corridors prior to the show. Anti-depressants (for when the anxiety of stealing suits may attack) on one hand and an iPhone on the other, I was set to review Canali finest Fall/Winter 2010 collection. 

A company that manufactures a thousand suits daily could do no wrong—except for its runway soundtrack, which leaves guests fidgeting uncomfortable to the sound of female orgasmic breaths and shrills accompanying the models down the runway. The structure of the runway too, I believe, shouldn’t be so complex for such a great clothes presentation; the turns, ramps and tunnels are really inviting unnecessary glitches. 

Every look is refine and had such sartorial elegance, evidently each garment was made with precise tailoring; the fit, design and fabrics were undeniably Milan. The fashion that night certainly made up for those minor flaws, it was great to be there nonetheless.

Images by Ridhwan Sesapar.



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