I would repeatedly hear the tagline “Dunhill; Gaya, Mutu, Keunggulan.” when watching the Malaysian news at midnight— not to be confused with the brand of cigars; I’m talking about Dunhill, a luxury goods company— and years later, here I am reminiscing the past at its 3rd and largest store.

With celebrities, men’s magazine editors and industry’s elites all on hand, Alfred Dunhill held its Marina Bay Sands store launch on 26th August. It was exciting for a ‘sartorial fashion enthusiast’ to see men in immaculate attire; not forgetting the handsome Mr. Robert Mancini who flew here to officiate the unveiling of the new global concept store in our tiny island. One of the event’s highlights was the ‘making of’ the traditional techniques of making Alfred Dunhill Traditional leather goods. Originally from France, a craftsman from London was in town for this exclusive demonstration.

It’s true; the party doesn’t start till the queen arrives, even Joanne Peh’s pre-event stomping doesn’t excites me. The guests, or should I say our very own ‘couture connoisseur’ and friend(s) went on a shopping frenzy buying the most eye-catching briefcase I’ve ever seen. (Suggestion: wouldn’t it be nice to gift beauty products packaged in that case at the next event? Why not!)

It was great fun attending Dunhill, thanks to the kind people at Saffron.

Images By Ridhwan Sesapar.
More Images on ONESIXTYNOTEPAD Facebook Fanpage.


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