With a brand name that’s sure to make people go “what-the-fruitcake of a name is that”, it’s a clever way to market its first flagship store in the ION. As the name suggest, and unless I decide to pick up cross-dressing as a new hobby, (Hah kidding! Or will I…) I might just find something for myself at the store.

TLTSN was by a local businessman who sets up seven stores in Jakarta before deciding to open two stores in Singapore with another outlet located at Marina Square.

In my opinion, if the shop was to open it doors way before Rubi did on our shores, this will be a totally new concept for us. To make a comparison is unfair because while the concept of the store and the 2-for-something pricing are similar, the quality differs. The material seems to be (I have not tried it for myself, obviously) of higher quality and padding of flats and bags are well lined as compared to Rubi.

The unique feature of the store was the ‘Fun Flops’ bar. It allows you to customize the strap and base of your choice. Preview your ‘creations’ with the fun flop wheel next to the bar. I plan to get my own pair but it’s one size too small so I did a pink one instead for days when I feel like a princess.

Images By Ridhwan Sesapar.
More Images on ONESIXTYNOTEPAD Facebook Fanpage.


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