Eyewear is vital accessory to protect your eyes from the fervent UV rays. Trust me, bean sprout won’t grow on your iris, so obviously there is no need to expose your eyes to the sun for photosynthesis.

Before buying one, source for pictures of you looking straight at the camera. Using a tracing paper or finer piece of paper, outline the shape of your face. There are four common shapes; coin, oval, heart-shaped and the square. Determine your face shape by choosing a silhouette that is most dominant.

Round faces, or the coin, should avoid round lenses. An angular-shaped lens helps slim a round face. For the Spongebobs, the most flattering would be an oval or round lens. The tricks to finding eye wear for heart-shaped faces are tricky. The key is to even out a wide forehead and narrow chin with colorful shades to draw the attention to the eye. As for the ovals, they have more options to style. Square frame for oval will look best but all are flattering.

Images Via GQ.


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