Who wouldn’t be curious to peek into the behind-the-scenes of a Harper’s Bazaar shoot? Especially one that gathers that many kooky, l’enfant terribles of our very own fashion industry; mismatched socks, Prada pigtails, ethnic exoticism – any prevalent trend, you name it. Cast no doubt, this ought to be interesting from the get-go.

The shoot took place at a cozy studio space at Mount Sophia. The OSN team, dressed to the nines (in monochromatic tones of course), scampered around this old Methodist Girl’s School campus, first musing about where to find the inconspicuously located gents and later in distress looking for that particular Block 3C.

Alas, we were the earliest to arrive. But of course, this was a shoot for a fashion magazine so the rule about being fashionably late stands. Who were we kidding! But all was well. We settled down and soaked up the atmosphere of our inaugural feature in Bazaar. Slowly, people started coming in dribs and drabs.

We were very heartened by how professional the shoot was handled. We had our little ‘green room’ space to prep ourselves and there were many Bazaar staff who were more than happy to aid us. Our clothes were steamed and hung nicely on the racks (you may be surprised that this is not a given sometimes). Kim Reyes, the ever sprightly fashion editor gave a warm welcome and later engaged with each and every one of us while the test shoot was on going. Everyone felt very much at home.

Do also note the esteemed company that we had for that day. James Bent of Outre, Laila from RockTheTrend, Bobo from BoboBaroque and designer Mae Pang were amongst the numerous individuals that were present. Some are old friends while many of the acquaintances became BFFs by the end of the shoot. Case in point: Mae Pang and I later discovered that we salute the same Alma Mater and have a lot more in common.

The actual shoot was colourful, spotting bouts of laughter every few seconds. The crew behind the photographer tried very hard to hold back their chuckle while the rest of us ‘trial test’ our signature pose. Do we give a Sasha pout? How about thrusting our heads back with smoky eyes, hand extended from the mini ladder? Right…very vogue indeed. Thankfully, there was Windy, Bazaar’s stylist, to pull all of us back to Earth to get an earnest, honest shoot.

The day concluded with a post-shoot discussion on the future of Singapore’s Fashion. It felt for once the voices of the emerging leaders of our local fashion industry are chorusing in unison about their woes and prides, leaving everyone feeling very nuanced about how they see Singapore’s Fashion.

The full day spent for the shoot was not in vain and it was clear that this feature came out of a genuine concern to amplify the sentiments of our young fashion custodians. ONESIXTYNOTEPAD is honored to have been invited. Thank you Harper’s Bazaar!

Images By Ridhwan Sesapar.
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  1. I'm so glad you're doing what you're doing

  2. 5th picture: Those magic hair plasters are cool!

  3. Hey Dinie and Ridhwan, hope everything's been going great for you guys!
    Cheers - colin, caroline and jon (the loreal threesome!)


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