I was considering this as the blog title: Because waiting for him to provide text might take another decade and the fact that he types with both index fingers doesn’t help either. Afraid that he will go overboard with the self-admiration description, I’ve decided to assist him. And by assisting, I meant writing the whole of this post.

Ridhwan’s thought process is very different from mine; I just take whatever while his is rather complex. We differ on style matters and we both dismiss each other’s opinion most of the time. On cooperative occasion, like the day this picture was taken, he went with my suggestions. He very much prefers quirky (not that it’s a bad thing) look as opposed to the casual, clean get-up but after seeing these pictures for himself, he was very pleased.

The individual pieces itself have a story to tell— the jacket was painstakingly tough to get and it was a gift for his 21st, so he could wear for his exhibition. (That, ladies and gentlemen is how you do gifting on a budget.) The bottom was his second pair; the first one had stains so I took home for washing now it’s mine. (Oh, did I also mention that Ridhwan is extremely generous? Hah)

You see, one could only imagine how long he takes to get ready. I guess that’s for me to know and for you to find out— hopefully when he decides to write the next post.

Images By Dinie Rahman.


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