Harper’s Bazaar Singapore recently gathered few of our native rising voices in a dialogue session for its feature story, ‘Singapore’s New Guard’ to commemorate the nation’s 45th year of independence. In attendance were different representations of the industry such as designers, fresh graduates and the all-almighty bloggers. It was also our first appearance together as a team.

In a roundtable discussion, we highlighted about the importance of a solid foundation in a fashion institution to sustain the growth of quality designers and most importantly, tailors and pattern makers. In this day and age, everyone prefers to be his or her own boss and refuse to do the ‘dirty’ job.

As a youth studying in a local institution and as a blogger, I believe that through awareness, we can provide opportunities for the deserving. The so-called corruption is everywhere, even in the blogging scene. What we’ve written on our site is not always a representation of who we are. (But you can count on us for being real…) It is tragic that the blogging scene now is being dictate by one important figure. Along the way, identity of the follower’s site fades. How does this concern the industry, you ask? Let me ask this question back to you: When a hobby turns into money making tool, whose opinion can you trust? I guess it is important for me to deliver content in its purest form to counter these problems.

I applaud Harper’s Bazaar for giving a platform for our voice to be heard despite our young age. I left the discussion with nothing but respect for these people and their achievements. Many thanks to Kim Reyes and her team for making this possible.


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