If not for disgraceful supporters of Song Kyunga, the show would be marvelous. Shame on them, they did kind of ‘degrade’ the quality of the show. It’s a runway presentation, not a dog show. So why howl and cheer each time she walk? To quote Caroline Issa of Tank magazine and, “Watched the Marchesa show with Bryanboy with hooligans in the audience...bizarre!”

And only in Singapore will you see people in slack short-tee combo and kids (kids as in children.) having front of house seats at a prestigious show like Marchesa.

The show was beautifully presented with dresses hand-picked by Georgina Chapman of Marchesa. Unfortunately for the import model, our very own Sheila Sim was the showstopper and got all of us mesmerized when she walked out in a purple origami dress. Marchesa at Audi Fashion Festival 2010 was a memorable one.

Images By Ridhwan Sesapar.
More Images on ONESIXTYNOTEPAD Facebook Fanpage.



  1. The model displayed first in the post is incredibly gorgeous! A showstopper indeed!

    Wow, I can't believe that!If only fashion week was as accessible there as it is where I am, I'd be incredibly honoured! That just takes the spirit away from exclusive shows like Marchesa's (whom I dearly love!)

  2. WOW
    Hopefully they will take it serious next time

  3. The Marchesa dresses are stunning! As for the audience that were howling should be banned or taken away by the fashion police or something lol.

  4. Julie-yeah, sheila the model is extremely beautiful!
    You should visit Singapore sometime!

    Corve-They do, but there's too much party crashers..

    J-those are hooligans, even the international press were pissed!


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