Another week, another round of meeting and feast at the Mandarin Gallery. This time our circle expanded, ‘Miss Glitzy Monologue’, and ‘Story of A Dot’ joined in!

We sat down for a quiet dinner (not until I open my mouth that is!) at Thai Thai— Royal Thai Cuisine. The interior, like the name suggested, was fit for a royalty. Service was excellent and definately worth every dollar paid. For appetizers, I had a platter of unfamiliar food; soft shell crab, crackers topped with chicken floss and betel leaf wrapped with lotus flower, sprinkles of toasted coconut and topped with shrimp paste. I had flashback of how my mum used to rub betel leaf on my mouth except this one was a burst of flavors, not tears. For entrée, Bagaholicboy and Ridhwan ate something with Poo. I repeat, they both ate Poo. (Poo means crab. Spelt with a ‘b’ not ‘p’. Hah.)

And my favorite part? It had to be dessert at Jones The Grocer! We ordered the ahem, ‘usual’ consisting of chocolate and vanilla ice cream topped with biscuit, cheese platter, fruit tarts, berries cheesecake, fruit shakes, tea and oh god I can’t remember, there were too many! We didn’t get to finish most of it and how I wished I had the leftovers with me now. Should have let my aunty instinct kick in and packed the leftovers next time.

Speaking of next time, till then! Oh by-the-way, The Coalition is coming to a playhouse near you.

Images By Ridhwan Sesapar.
More Images on ONESIXTYNOTEPAD Facebook Fanpage.


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