You must be living under a pile of feather hats (nope, still not done with that joke!) to not know that we’re obsessed with this lady. Dr Georgia Lee is an entrepreneur and a medical esthetician but what you really need to know; She owns (many, perhaps too many and should be donated to me) great runway pieces.

They say the queen towers above all— the tallest, slenderest and everything divine, she was the highlight of my Audi Fashion Festival 2010. Dr. Lee wore a Lanvin drape-dress on the first day and continued to wow us with pieces like Celine (or was it Chloe?), Roberto Cavalli and Balmain.

Didn’t get any photo opp with the queen and she shunned from our cameras a few times but she did mentioned something to our resident photographer on the last day— “now you can have my picture”. That six-letter word made his day.

Images By Ridhwan Sesapar.
More Images on ONESIXTYNOTEPAD Facebook Fanpage.


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