Never in a million years I would be expecting any event to top Wardroblings’s fashion show at Zouk! (Deemed the worst event in the history of ONESIXTYNOTEPAD)

When we arrived at playlab, we stood there for almost an hour. No one approached us despite the many ushers talking to one another on the sales floor. I had to ask around while the rest of the event ushers in ‘Harajuku ‘ tees were gossiping about Luth’s mythical hair. The gossiping wasn’t discreet.

Who would have known that one of the biggest company that specializes in the retail market in Singapore had so little to offer. Drinks in a tiny plastic cup, seriously? Patients pee on those during check-ups in the hospital. If an event doesn’t have good refreshments to begin with, don’t make guest stand for long hours or at least have something else to offer. One thing I would like to know, why did we get the ‘no need lah’ treatment. (Oh yeah we saw/heard you talking alright) Hmm, interesting. I’m offended. Oh right, maybe we didn’t look like we have 80bucks to spend in order to get a membership card.

Never mind the refreshments (that we had to share between ourselves, yeah in one tiny cup) and bias treatment but, why was I made to stand for 2.5 hours? Ridiculous. Oh don’t get me started on the ‘runway show’.

One thing I like about the event, they actually had this guy dressed as a fashion police. He had a huge hat on, he himself was huge like most policeman we’ve seen in movies, really adorable! I think the mascot aka ‘The Fashion Police’ was supposed to walk around and pretend to judge people. We enjoyed that part, and the cucumber green tea that we had to share amongst four of us.

I didn’t wait around for the next segment. In the words of a Wiseman “I should not wait for another hour to see ’models’ wear those kind of clothes. I can go Far East plaza and have more than ten fashion show in an hour.”

Well said.

Edit: Got an email saying that they couldn’t find me for the ‘goodie bags’. Wait, didn't i sign-in and then they were gossiping about the 'no need lah' situation? And was there even a ‘goodie bag’ to begin with? Or was it made up after my little discussion on facebook because I saw no one carrying any.

Images By Ridhwan Sesapar.



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  2. dude, ya lame. dont be power tripping over a couple of invites


  3. why do you only comment when you're mentioned? be more discreet next time, dude.

  4. HAHA! This post definitely deserve the wait! HILARIOUS!

    Sigh... still amazed by how bad we were treated though...


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