HARRY HALIM A/W 2010.11.

I hate to say this but my, I mean ahem, Monsieur Dinie Rahman’s judgment was right since day one but excuse me Harry, why do you have to be so amazing? So amazing I had to BRB and weep tears of joy.

I say bring him back to show for Audi Fashion Festival! After all we’re looking for great talents, not success stories. If we want to advance as a fashion hub, we need someone fresh and let’s put the pretty dresses aside for one season. Come to think again, Harry would be better off showing in Paris and plus we weren’t supportive of him when he was here no?

Anyways back to the collection.

It was exactly what I imagined it to be, only better. From styling to casting of models it was typically Harry Halim (not a bad thing). One thing that was apparently new was the sleeve, which I really like. I thought it was darkness presented in a new light; the contrasting of soft and hard edge was clever. Nowadays we see hard edge, dark collection that is butch, which only caters to selective individual. This collection had a balance of both. I want to see the knits on Rihanna badly.(the weaved knits were his signature piecec, as seen on his previous collection) On second thought, let her wear everything.


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