No one care to send a representative from Singapore, not even Nuffnang (They’re busy sending Xiaxue to Disney Land and everywhere else that they've forgotten that fashion blogger exists. I'm obsessed with her! ) or the ‘Association of Bloggers Singapore’. (Haha LOL to that!)

The last time someone represent Singapore (to a blogger event, in Paris mind you) was this person whose blog is probably dead now.

Forget it. Change this post title to ‘LEAVE TAVI ALONE’. Like seriously LEAVE GRANNY TAVI ALONE! Or else I’ll ask the heaviest of the Mulleavy sisters to sit on yo’ face and make sweaters with your bones.

"At the Dior show, trying to fight my way backstage to get a quote from John Galliano, I nearly fell over a tiny, grey-haired woman who, from the back, I took to be a septuagenarian Japanese fashion fanatic, as she was dressed head-to-toe in Comme des Garçons. When she was ushered into the inner sanctum before me, and turned around, I saw, with a sick lurch, that it was actually Tavi Gevinson, the 14-year-old fashion blogger from Chicago. She was being shadowed by her father, an English teacher, and has recently dyed her hair the trendiest colour.

As a mother of a 14-year-old, my first thought was,“Hang on, isn’t it term-time in America, too?”. Had I not been so busy trying to attract Galliano’s attention, I would have asked Mr Gevinson why he thought it was right to take his daughter out of school to go to haute couture shows, where she would be treated like a celebrity by paparazzi? Or why he thought it OK for her to model for Pop and Love magazines last year?

I don’t dispute that his child is a prodigy, and that her blog, which she started without her parents’ knowledge in 2008, at the age of 11, is mind-blowingly creative, well-informed and sparkling with the integrity of a truly independent, original voice.

Or, rather, that it was. Checking her blog to see what she’d thought of her couture experience this week, I see she says she can’t write about it because she’s tied up to an exclusive with Pop. It seems fashion’s favourite wunderkind has been sucked into the system in record time, the charm of her indie-voice silenced, having been appropriated and paid for by the traditional print media.
It’s all happening too fast for Tavi, and I wonder if her father knows how to protect her from it. I hope she’s got her nose to the grindstone, catching up with missed lessons this week, but it’s hard to imagine a kid being able to come back down to reality after that."

Okay so her hat is upsetting to some people but can we move on with our lives already? There’s millions of homeless struggling by the roadside in the third world but why are we ranting about putting her back in school or get SO upset over the fact that granny Tavi was at a couture show. Just see it as an investment or an internship or whatever. She’s doing what she love and these experiences will help her with her career. When was the last time you were happy for someone else’s success? Never?

Like many others, I IZ JELUZ but in a way, I’m kind of happy for her? Like in Singapore I’ve been ‘disrespected’ by some people when I go to events but seriously it’s a new generation, embrace it! I’m sorry to disappoint, showing up looking fresh instead of the 50 something year old that you’re expecting.

I’m team Tavi all the way! As a matter of fact, im creating a Tavi Gevinson fanpage on Facebook.



  1. Hi Dinie, love this post! Yes, now I'm wondering why no one ever thought of sponsoring some one to NYC to cover Fashion Week or sth!!

  2. Glitzy- Hey! thank you for reading!
    well, maybe soon. just maybe.
    i think ive seen you somehwere?

    Luxe: :)

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  4. Hi Dinie,

    I have not met you before! But hope to see you soon! :)

  5. hi! is there a fashion blogger convention here in singapore? :)

  6. we do meet-ups once in awhile. well, used to.


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