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I hate to say it but, i told you so!

''This campaign celebrates our heritage and our timeless Burberry icons. The energy of the images and the dynamic cast reflect the different attitudes and expressions of the Burberry guy and girl.

We've worked again with Emma Watson who has a classic, effortless beauty and is incredibly talented. Alongside Emma we have four British guys; Emma's younger brother Alex Watson, Matt Gilmour, Max Hurd and George Craig.

We always talk about how much fun we have making these images and I wanted to capture some of the excitement that you feel on set when all these different creative attitudes and personalities come together. Mario has shot these as both stills and video so we can share some of that energy with a wider audience”.
-Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer

Creative Direction Christopher Bailey
Photographer Mario Testino
Hair Orlando Pita
Make-up Linda Cantello

British cast:
Emma Watson Actress
Alex Watson Model
George Craig Musician
Matt Gilmour Musician
Max Hurd Model


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