Have you read Susie Bubble’s epic-est post? And excuse me guy in the second picture what are you doing with your jacket? Okay, ‘very individual’ and ‘eclectic people’ I get it. So much truth in both Susie’s post and Mr. Kellmen-Carlen’s email; about the theory that level of eccentricity = level of arrogance, and about the practicality of an outfit.

Let’s just talk about the scene in Singapore as I’ve yet to explore beyond our tiny island. Let me remind everyone that these claims might not necessarily be facts, but they are based on personal experience.

And if I may add my enmity to a certain object: Snarling at every picture, whoring yourself at model mayhem and designing a mess of fringes and bold shoulders are ‘very individual’ indeed. Its tragic that people think we’re related/share the same father.

Am I the only who thinks stereotyping is happening amongst our ‘fashionable’ youth? I honestly think it’s fine because (again, based on experienced) the theory is somewhat true. Like how the ‘very individual’ or ‘eclectic’ youth from art/fashion institution or those are rich will give the less ‘fashionable’ THE look. From THE look you know they are VERY AWARE of their ‘individuality’ and thinks that the less ‘fashionable’ individual is trash.

I once compliment on a ‘very individual’ and ‘eclectic’ person, “wow, you’re so fashionable.” His reply was, “Fashionable? Ugh insulting.”

“Fashion has turned into cries for attention than practicality”- it’s sad. How many ‘very individual’ or ‘eclectic’ or said fashion students/club kids have made any contributions to the industry besides diluting the meaning of fashion to the upcoming generation of designers/journalist/stylist etc?

When I attend events and come across the same bunch of kids, I’ll smile. I’m happy wearing only tees and shirts, I don’t think I have to show or prove my love for fashion. For me, fashion is self-fulfillment and a fantasy, its okay to share but it’s so wrong to flaunt. (Especially when you got nothing) I’ve been on that ‘very individual’ path too, but I realized it’s a waste of energy. I think you my friend, am trying to hard.


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