Part 1 Of Forever21 At 313@Somerset.

Ladies and Gentlemen: (By gentlemen I meant guys who can fit into ladies clothes), our much needed fashion stimulus is finally here! Following today’s store opening, you can call me a recent convert to the brand.

If you thought UNIQLO was huge, wait till you see Forever 21 flagship store at 313@Somerset. Technically it’s smaller, measuring at 16,000 square feet but the four level-shopping space creates an illusion of the biggest clothing store you’ve ever been to!

As a (very opinionated) consumer, I tend to analyze everything from quality of service to interior. A very important but neglected factor of most women’s clothing store is its visual merchandising. I am very pleased looking at the window display; the styling of the mannequin was impressive and the store simply challenges my imagination with its lively interior. (Imagine what I would do to myself in that store if I were a girl. Sigh)

The only weak spot was the warm low ceiling lights on the first floor. Would you mind sweating a bucket for really affordable accessories? Of course not! Give me an empty pool and I’ll sweat for the cheap prices over at Forever21 anytime!

To celebrate the opening of their new Flagship store, Forever 21 is offering special launch prices on their apparel and accessories across all their Singapore stores! So hurry!

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Images By Ridhwan Sesapar.


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