Okay so I was still, according to BagaholicBoy, ‘foaming at the mouth’ after receiving the news that we’re actually going to have a one in a million chance to meet Christopher Bailey-- And then we (Fash-E, RTT, BB and WottonCool girls) were told that we’re going to have a tour around the boutique, that made me foam even more! It was not 31 Rue Cambon but i imagined it to be as fantastic.

The motive of the tour was to pick an outfit so we could wear it on the actual event (live blogging at Burberry) and to do a fun ‘promotional shoot’ to promote the event. (Will blog about it on a separate post) That didn’t exactly happen but we had so much fun and I even more fun bragging about it. Hah. I mean, when will I ever get the chance to sit in their VIP room again no? Or when will I ever have the chance to try on ten different trench coats that’s worth 3k each (!) in an hour?! Since that awesomely-iest day, I’ve been dreaming about Burberry for almost a month.

All I need now is to attend a Burberry show in London next February and life would be a full circle moment. Ok, fat hope but I’ll keep on dreaming and writing to Oprah so she would send me there!

Images By Ridhwan Sesapar.


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