If you have an exquisite taste but no liking for the formality of fine dining, Tiffin Club is the place for you. The restful multi-story, which includes an outdoor sitting area and a loft cum workspace above the main dining place, will provide you with endless tranquility throughout your time at Tiffin.

Menu of tasty tapas, English pies, crisp salads, home-style sandwiches and Sri Lankan curries is complemented by a wine bank of carefully selected and imported alcoholic grape juices to catalyze cross-cultural cravings and conversations.

I believe Tiffin is the only place in Singapore with ‘vending’ wine dispenser (which is really affordable compared elsewhere), great for wine tasting! I haven’t personally had any of the main course or appetizers but it looks promising. Best of all, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Tiffin club is inviting you for a unique happy hour, on 17th Dec, 6pm to 9pm featuring a photography contemporary exhibition by Swedish artist Agneta Ekstrand. Please RSVP to massi@thetiffinclub.com or text 98120586.

Images by Ridhwan Sesapar.



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  2. I'm coming to sgp on monday dins! I soooo wanna go here! ill ask you for zee address on fb! <3

  3. Okay, btw the event is two days from today yeah!


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