Yesterday was the unveiling of UNIQLO’s FW 09 Collection and the introduction of faux leather called NEOLEATHER. You know, the one with my identical twin brother Sean O’pry. Yeah, that one.

Media Flair Communications, a public relation company invited OneSixtyNotepad and readers, to have the first look at the collection, even before it hits the stores in Japan! So, consider yourself lucky. Hah.

We were given a hundred dollars each to spend and I got myself a few tops and a wool blazer! For now, I won’t come to a press event that doesn’t entitle to a shopping spree! Kidding, or at least have fancy drinks and food like they do.

It was my first time to UNIQLO and I have to say, it provides the best service to its customers. (I’m not saying this because of the shopping spree) Although, I must say the repeated greetings is too much, the staff were really friendly and knowledgeable. What surprises me most was the quality of the products, really good despite having an affordable price tag.

UNIQLO Ion Orchard opens today! A specially designed Tote Bag from UNIQLO that will be given out to customers, who spend above $100 on a single receipt! This bag is not available for purchase on its own and is available while stocks last, specifically for customers of the ION Orchard store.

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Images By Ridhwan Sesapar.



  1. Oh, you're wottoncool?? Are you Sarah? or are you Jo??

  2. Gawd I'm such a douche bag... I just realised you signed off as Dinie!

  3. I am soooooo sorry! LOL ok... feel free to delet the earlier comments.... maybe it's 2am now... that's why I'm not thinking! Hi Dinie! My name is jayden! :P

  4. I was there before noon. I didn't enter the store though...

  5. well well.. look who's been featured!


  6. @ jayden: IM DINIE! HAHAHA. hello jayden! :)

    @mode: the event starts at 4pm or so, thank god u didnt go in!

    @Naboonies: Thanks for the lovely comment! heh!

  7. the shoes! i want to see the outfits!


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