Aside from unremittingly stalking my all time favorite, Sasha Pivovarova all over the streets of Milano, I’ve taken the interest to study the rest of the other models thoroughly over the years. (Possibly well enough to write a models’ glossary by now!) So when Etro extended their invitation to pre-show backstage, it was truly a ‘kid in the candy store’ moment for me.

Judging from how vacant the dressing area was, it was apparent that we were one of the first press (and only press from Asia, I believe) to do a walkthrough and interview Veronica Etro before the show. Juicy bits: When asked about her take on blogging as the ‘new media’, she simply said that she is not affected by the phenomenon and don’t find the need to read any. A rather gripping statement, don’t you think?

It was the 70's all over again with a kaleidoscopic mix of ethnic prints and patterns and that statement smoking purple eye that was 'punched' in right into the sockets but it was the accessories and styling that truly reels me in—which brings us to the next portion of our massive experience; the makeup counter and having really close proximity to the bevy of models!

Oh boy, this definitely tops any backstage at Victoria’s Secret fantasy I’ve had since the longest time. My figment of imagination was coming to life and I am not hallucinating! Everything ran like clockwork there; the clamoring from the makeup team, swarm of photographers and models everywhere is entirely insane. I’ll live to tell this story that I’ve spent my best five minutes chatting up ‘The Kloss’. Karlie was nothing but amiable in person that I quickly diminished the thought about her standout runway walk which I find quite unsettling.

I was shy to approach any others (Abbey Lee and Freja are way too intriguing and intimidating!), but I’m content at being a voyeur, to say the very least, juggling with the perpetual model spasms I encountered in between. In all, fetching home our very own paisley printed couch pillows from the show was the icing on the cake. Rest assured that should I need to relive back those moments once more, I’ll simply lie my head and dream a little Etro dream.

Upon many readers request for this highly exclusive backstage experience, this marks our final installation of our Milan Fashion Week coverage. Till Paris next time, ciao!


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