Ask and ye shall receive. The obsession for Jil Sander is no doubt universal and judging from the responses we’ve got, glossy pages simply won’t cut it! It’s a great relieve to know that I’m not the only one having hysterics about the recent Jil Sander collection because alongside with Prada, the collection was one of Milan’s highlights but not necessarily easy for the average fashion consumer to adore.

Going to fashion week, attending one of my favourite designers show was on top of my checklist and Raf Simons was one of them. Front row seats would be an ideal experience for a fashion week virgin if there weren’t many seat snatchers around. I was crushed but in Italy, you can’t stay mad at the security personnel for long; they’re simply too gorgeous to gawk at. Well, at least it’s nice to have the invite as a memento and attending the show was more than sufficient.

What can I say; Raf Simons is a genius in his very own way. Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2011 was at the forefront of the new minimalism and had a truly fresh take on being a minimalist. The interpretation of inversing minimalism to maximalism (which led him to think of Haute Couture) was cleverly engineered and well received by most critics as well. It is important for one to fully understand Raf Simons’ background and DNA to be able to embrace a contrasting collection such as this one. Did I tell you, the collection was very captivating that I was utterly oblivious to the Busta Rhymes sountrack they played?

If pictures could really speak like they say it would (or if our recording device didn’t die on us!), perhaps we could draw you to experience the atmosphere of the studio. From the attendees who dressed the part, to this perfectly executed collection, Jil Sander has got to be our most exciting experience ever. It was almost like a salvation of some sort for most of us who worshipped the brand for years.

Images By Ridhwan Sesapar.



  1. I kinda liked that Raf Simmons changed the design philosophy of Jil Sander by introducing prints and more details and straying away (somewhat) from minimalism...but I'm not sure whether the real Jil Sander would have appreciated it.


  2. What do you mean kinda? You should love it! Kidding.
    I guess it's expected when he presented the mens collection earlier on. I really like the 'couture infused' minimalist approach this season. I think the real Jil Sander should not hve an issue with this since she doesn't hold part of the company's share or at least only a small portion of it. Honestly I don't really know why I love it so much but I'm a huge fan of this collection!

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