As the viciously amusing coach, Sue Sylvester of Glee may once quip, "Halloween- the day that parents encourage little boys to dress like little girls and little girls to dress like whores"; it is not much of a difference for us here at ONESIXTYNOTEPAD. No, don't get us wrong- neither does any one of our parents advocate such antics nor do we have any plans of cross-dressing anytime soon (unless it's a Couture piece, we might consider a try!) but three of us readily agree that it is the right event for us to simply have fun and let our hair down. Of course, I had to call in a mystery make-up maestro pal to work his Pat McGrath magic onto our bare faces!

Trust me, I had envisioned the look down way before the invites even came in! It was fulfilling my long time obsession with Pharaohs, nomads and gypsies and I find that the ‘buried-in-the-tunnels-for-centuries look’ rather intriguing so I conveniently handpick a look off John Galliano Men's Spring/Summer 2010. (How can Galliano not be apt for Halloween anyway?) Nothing feels better than oozing off the theatrics from the eccentric designer himself- Dinie and I opted for a pallid white overall with shadowy contours, dark kohl eyes and sculpted cheekbones while Nabil is Summer dreaming in an earthy tones of brown and bronze tints. (Psst, it was after much tugging and numerous bobby pins later that his ‘butterfly Eden’ finally blooms atop his head. Haute indeed!)

As we begrudgingly made our way out to face the public, it is not until the sight of a little innocent girl scampering towards her mum in fright later made us ease our nerves a little. I guess this is exactly how Halloween should be— Trick or Fleet! Thank you Izwan, for the last minute makeup fix!

Makeup: Izwan.


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  1. hey guys.. thank u for the wanting me to made u guys up.. its my pleasure.. -izwan-


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