I’ve been struggling with skin care for as long as I could remember. My best beauty advice is to trust an aesthetician decked in the latest Phoebe Philo creation. One either has style or substance. Dr. Georgia Lee has both.

Personally, I’ve not come across that many individuals so passionate. When Dr. Lee speaks of her success and the things she does, her dedication comes through. For me that’s a unique selling point for her new skincare line.

About a decade since the opening of TLC medical, the mother-mogul is back with the launch of her latest skincare line, DrGL. Having launched a medical spa sometime last week, it is only apt to have a fresh appearance for the skincare line.

The product now comes in an elegant emerald green packaging designed by award-winning creative director Thesus Chan and visuals by photographer John Clang. In addition to the re-branding of the products, a new addition of eye repair cream was introduced to the skincare line. Rumor has it that a close friend of Dr. Lee is fronting her skincare line and it’s not a lady. Alternatively, you may send a petition for me to front the campaign. Kidding.

Currently, apart from oral medications, I’ve been applying the collagen essence habitually. It is definitely mild and oftentimes gives that much needed suppleness to my skin. The compact powder is highly recommended too. (According to feedbacks of our readers and my sisters.) If you’re considering, do not take my words for it. Head down to Escentials Paragon and have a try. Different skin types works differently but rest assured it is safe.

How can I go on about how wonderful the products are without bagging something for our readers? I have a bottle of DrGL collagen essence from yesterday’s event. Simply tell us (by commenting below) why you need it. Good luck!

Escentials is located at Paragon Shopping centre, #03-02.

Images By Ridhwan Sesapar.



  1. Simply because it sounds fantabulous and you're giving it away, and because I need this product? :))

  2. Because I would like to have Dr Georgia Lee's supple skin and shiny hair! (Not forgetting her amazing wardrobe hehe)

    <3 Vera

  3. Hair is gorgeous!


  4. The product works wonders and it's by DrGL, what more can I ask for?


  5. I want to see a miracle. :)


  6. OMG :O Darling DINIE!

    I have been anticipating for her to release
    this line.

    Now i know where to spend my angbao money!

    Salvatore (you know who!)


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