The unceasing dream was to attend fashion week and it feels massively gratifying to be able to accomplish that wish at this age (I would have chosen the adjective ‘young’ here but Tavi has taken that throne away so…). If that was the reward we got for all of the incessant battles with negativities; be it with a certain individual or anything that had indirectly affected our lives one way or another, we’ll take it with a stride because this is a cherished experience not to be forgotten. I say, to hell with those people who claim that fashion (or rather, fashion-blogging) has no future!

I know very well the consequences of speaking straight from the heart and being proud― well, I am and nothing to be ashamed of― but the point is, I am blessed and highly thankful for the once in a lifetime opportunity. From the kind, heartfelt words that was penned down by the editor and publisher as well as the unremitting support of our loyal readers, that truly humbled me as a person.

All in all, we hope you will get yourself a copy and rest-assured you won’t be disappointed― it’s a huge fashion coverage like no other, duh! We’re extremely proud of our contributions, this in particular and would love to share our first-hand fashion week experiences with all of you. Also, do take note that we will not be 'recycling' the content of the magazine (10 pages in total!) so certain tangible things are much more enjoyable to splurge some buckeroos to.

Lastly, a big thank you to the Designare team and Dr. Frank Cintamani for their tremendous and outpouring support. Not forgetting Editor, Kim Reyes for sharing this special journey with us!

Designare Magazine is available at all established bookstore and newsstands.



  1. That looks nice I want a copy! Is it in available in Malaysia?

  2. Hey! I'm not too sure if they are available in Malaysia try checking big bookstore like Kinokuniya or Borders. If not we'll try to send you some pdf maybe?

  3. Read the article today!! And I really enjoyed it :) I hope you guys get to cover more fashion weeks to come!

  4. Yay! Thank you Jensen! Hopefully we will and I'm really glad you liked it!

  5. Pretty! I wonder if I can still get the magazine though. I saw you guys at Ion today! :)

  6. Stylohotmilo:

    Yes you can! Try prologue or the money-changer-bookstore place at ION basement. And why didn't you say hi!

    Anyways, saw the post you did of us. How sweet of you! We really appreciate it and thank you so much for your support! We'll share the post on Facebook! C:

    Thanks again!

  7. Thanks! :) Will get my hands on a copy asap! I'm a huge (but shy) fan. Haha. Hope to see more good stuff coming from you guys! :)

  8. Aww we really appreciate it! I hope the best for us in the future too, for yourself aswell! Happy holidays!


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