Prada has recently announced the re-opening of its much-awaited Paragon store after a 2-months absence along Orchard Road. Guess who got the first peek of the new store space and a step into the exclusive VIP room? We did! It is the first store in South East Asia equipped with a dedicated VIP room and services for Prada’s top customers (I envisioned the song ‘Big Spender’ tuning in the background, don’t ask why.) who prefers to shop in private, complete with a personal shopper! Let me tell you, there are things in there that you’re not able to see on the sales floor hence, that is what I call luxury!

The interior designs of Roberto Baciocchi promises a more spacious and exclusive shopping experience; covering 638 square-meters of Paragon’s mall space, a relatively bigger space as compared to the previous 460 square-meters. The new store offers prêt-à-porter, bags, accessories and footwear collections for both U’omo and Donna.

Privileged for the Prada Paragon store, a collection of 20 vintage dresses from the past revered season were specially flown in and made available. 12 different designs will be on sale with one very special dress, also from the archive, that was adorned by Nicole Kidman for the premiere of her movie. Frets not boys, made-to-measure shirts using fabric from the archive are also available in assorted signature prints.

Prada Paragon officially opens its newly renovated boutique to the masses on 17 December 2010. Head down to experience the latest holiday collection (price starts from SGD800 for a brocade skirt) and get a piece of Mama Muccia’s vintage pieces which is only obtainable for a short period of time. And while you’re at it, get me the foldable travel-friendly vela nylon jacket, will you?


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