So we have met a few notable figures, but last week we found ourselves on the outskirts of the social crowd trying to inch in closer to Yvan Rodic, the founder of Facehunter. Maybe it was the crowd that was rather overwhelming or perhaps we felt highly underdressed. Believe me when I say everyone was dressed to impress - feathered hats, chunky jewellry and (god forbid) some Andre Leon Talley capes too! It was a colourful affair to say the least.

Meeting the father of streetstyle himself was quite an experience especially since we followed - almost worshiped- his blog when we first started ours. He really made it legit for a lot of people to wear their individuality on their sleeves and follow through with brave style choices. That Thursday night felt like a celebration for what FaceHunter stood for and we were honoured to have been part of it. Truth be told, we had our little fashion moment!

There was little not to like except for maybe for the booze that was a little too strong for the time of day. But hey I don’t hear anyone else complaining? That said, the venue echoed the eclectic sensibility we saw in the crowd. Curious Teepee stocks up on the most adorable one-of-a-kind pieces that we all need to add more umph to that basic outfit. This also includes those by local designers. My personal favourite are those from the label Sundays. For the rest of you, the place has great gift ideas this Christmas that will definitely make an impression. Well the night’s event certainly left me ‘Curious’ for more.

A Curious Teepee is located at Scape. Open daily noon-9.00pm.
Cafe & bar are open till 12am every Friday & Saturday.



  1. Looks like a really cool place! Should drop by there soon! :)His books are still being sold there right?

  2. It is! It's a cafe and a good place to do internet surfing etc. There's a bar too and the best part, it's open till midnight on some days.

    The book is still available at a curious tee pee, go get one! (i heard it's cheaper than other bookstores)

  3. I've seen this on the blogs of numerous Singaporeans, including my own! Haha. But I liked the way you reflected about it, looks like I still have a lot to learn :3

  4. Hah yes, everyone is after Yvan! Hope to see you around! C:


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