By far this was the most thrilling (the best is yet to come) interview ever! For every mandarin-speaking person I’ve approached, be it the bookstore manager or a sister’s colleague, none of him or her seems to know the exact translation for this article. The three common words that came out of their mouth were Dutch, blog and fashion. Which is why I say this is the most thrilling because I guess I’ll never know what it says?

So here’s a gist of what I remembered with regards to the interview.

- One item that I want to own from the fall/winter 2010 collection: Look no.4 of Dries Van Noten collection, the jacket worn by Caroline Brasch Nielsen.

-One question I wished readers would ask me but never had the opportunity to answer: ‘How was it really like to be a Blogger.’
The local industry is slowly accepting bloggers as part of the new-age media; we’re struggling in this hierarchy-involved industry. Being young doesn’t help because people do not take you seriously. Apart from that, I am exposing myself for anyone who reads, privacy has always been an issue and they are always people who will bring you down. At the same time, there are also people who appreciate our work. Being a Blogger is harsh yet rewarding.

-5 picks from fall/winter 2010: Prada ‘brow’ eyewear, Balenciaga heels, Marni clog-Wedges, Victoria Beckham dresses and Burberry coat.

That’s all I could remember and from scribbles I found on my notebook!

Personally I don’t buy Nuyou magazine for obvious reasons, I can’t read them but I won’t miss a chance to browse at the dermatologist or the library. My first-bought copies were this issue with Joanne Peh on the cover wearing Celine. Features and editorials are done tastefully but I especially love the layout of the magazine. (For those who don’t know, Nuyou means ‘girlfriend’ and is Singapore’s only Chinese fashion Magazine.)

I feel really honored to be featured, thank you Nuyou!


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