Call me crazy but I’m showing a little more interest in Thom Browne’s works. In a season where sporty, shorts and suits were highlighted on most shows, Thom Browne made them to perfection. If Monclear had bicycle prints, the suits here are embroidered with cute little fishy and sharks. Still a little gimmicky for me (the models had to unzipped themselves from space suits) it was definitely less theatrical than Monclear.

Sweet-Sugar Papa Pilati, thank you for fulfilling my design fantasy. Like you, I would wear every look from this collection. With every season past, the collection gets even more refined and abstract. Many disapprove of this collection because of the high-waist and the pairing of polka dots shorts and that it was too ‘soft’ for the average Yves Saint Laurent man (Whatever that means). I would have to agree but I don’t find any of the pieces ill fitting or too feminine. I guess it all comes down to the casting of models; it was a little ‘demure’ then usual. Then again, it’s his vision and for me, it was all I ever dreamed of designing! (Talk about missing design school,ugh.)

Like any other Lanvin collection, it’s the close-up that matters. It brings so much more worth to the garment itself, the work that was put into every single pieces were stunning. This was more captivating of the recent menswear collection; it had lots of details, textures and fabrics. I especially like the footwear and the continuation of jewelry designs from the womenswear line. The apprentice learns fast, Lucas echoes Alber’s aesthetic more and more!



  1. Love the interestingly gold n glitter stained look on the models. Kinda reminds me of Gold Dust.

  2. THE gold dust from world wrestling federation?


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