I know… this post was uncalled for. The goal: a conscious effort to dress well. Not necessarily dressing up to the nines but to put some thoughts to my outfit. Trust me, it’s not really the case of me wanting to showoff my clothes. If that were the main purpose, I would have posted the entire lookbook from Uniqlo since all my clothes are from there anyways.

Moving on.

I desperately need something to inspire me to shed those pounds and I guess to put myself up on this space will at least motivate me to look better. For those who have been following in the previous style journal would have known how much I’ve gained. About 39.6 pounds later, here I am again posting pictures of myself up here. (No, no don’t get me wrong; I’m not morbidly obese or even overweight!) That’s reason number one and number two will be shared in the next post.

Oh yes, the outfit. It was for a Gucci press event I went earlier that day. Basically I start with the lambs wool sweater and assuming that there will be a huge billboard of Gucci logos to take picture against, I thought the colour would look good against that background. (You have no idea how embarrass I am to reveal my thought process to you but there you go, that’s how I think). I’ve worn it a couple of times but I styled it differently, a different shirt makes a whole lot of difference.

As for the shoes, they’re vintage Dunhill. (Kidding, I just love saying that. It makes everything expensive and exclusive) I didn’t realized how matchy-matchy it was with the top till I view them in pictures! Well I guess that’s my outfit-post debut, more to come!



  1. Nice camel hue..I like those shoes a lot!!!!!

  2. Nice camel hue..I like those shoes a lot!!!!!

  3. Nice camel hue..I like those shoes a lot!!!!!


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