As the name suggests, it was a place of delight and endless pleasure. Hidden at the heart of our local Sephora store (the largest in asia) is Bliss Singapore, a sought-after spa chain originated from the states. However, the spa has its own unique space of 204 square meters tucked inside of the mega cosmetic departmental store.

Bliss offers a huge array of services such as facials treatments, messages, slimming body treatments and waxing. The good news, most of these treatments are suitable for men. Speaking of men in spas– fret not guys, the award-winning staffs is accommodating in answering your queries with no obligations.

To promote their awesome spa, Bliss Singapore invited us for a press event, which involves a lot of product testing and food (Consisting of their signature sps buffet with crackers and cheese, olives and brownies). I am not complaining by the way, smear more creams onto my hand please.

Our personal favorite had to be the ‘Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask’, a D-I-Y facial hydrating and stimulating treatment. The other is the ‘Love Handler’, a liquid workout for lazy abdominals to help tone tummy. (Should we put it to the test and do a review on it?)

We were also treated to two complimentary sessions; for just SGD15, the ‘Callus Conqueror’ turns hardened heels into baby-soft soles. The treatment involves intensive cleaning and filing of the stubborn callus. To complete, moisturizer is applied to your feet for to keep it smooth and supple.

The ‘Breakout Busting Seaweed Task Mask’ is worth SGD35. Exclusive to bliss Singapore, the a la carte mini-treatments takes up only 15-minutes of your time. It’s a great way to de-stress, with no hassle of changing into a robe or removing your shoes. These treatments are conducted in a four-person lounge separated by fringes that looked like a Jil Sander dress from the spring collection. The first step is cleansing, followed by a hot towel over the face. The mask solution is then applied to the face, with options of covering the eye area and mouth. While waiting for the mask to set it, the estheticians will give you a scalp massage. The final step is cleansing and moisturizing of the face.

In all honesty, the products we’ve tested were all pleasant and the result is convincing despite having it on our skin for such a short period of time. The treatments we went for showed instant results and skin’s feels different. A trip to Bliss is definitely worth every penny spent, everyone should go at least once to try it for yourself!

We’re giving away 10 discount vouchers worth 20% off services for your first visit. So imagine going for a facial, paying only SGD28 for it or SGD12 for the callus treatment! Simply drop your name and email on the comment section or email us your details at!

Bliss Singapore is located at Sephora ION Orchard, #01-50/06.

Images By Ridhwan Sesapar.



  1. Dinie, one of those vouchers for me, please? Facial for my mom, callus treatment for me!

  2. After reading the above, I had to try my luck in getting the discount. I want to give it to my husband who badly needs a facial and suffered callus on both feet due to sports and long hours under the sun. My email add is
    Fingers crossed!!

  3. Hafiz- So two for you?

    Carrotoh- you don't need luck, you've already got one. do you want one for yourself too?

    i will reply to you guys via email shortly!

  4. Hi dear! Two vouchers (Facial) for me please, I want to treat my bestfriend :D

    Syafiqah Sairi

    Thank you so much!

  5. Hello Syasa,

    I'll email you in abit!

  6. Yes! and one for myself so that I can keep my man company cos he is a shy one. Thank you so much :)

  7. can i have one too? (:

  8. Hi dearest dinieeeeee! I was secretly hoping if I could get one facial for my girlfriend. And wishfully one for myself since it's my dreaded 24th today :) my email's Thanks a gazillionnnnn. Xoxo

  9. Hi Jiawei,

    Happy 24th!
    We do not have complimentary services but we do have the discount vouchers. would that do?

    would you like one?

    I'll be email everyone later today so be sure to check your inbox!

  10. Yes please. Thanks. You got me email address.

  11. Hey dinie thanks for the wishes! I'm getting old. Could do with two facial coupon goodiesss. That would be awesome. Ezekiel (Jiawei) :')


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