I always get so pumped up when it comes to hair. As far as I can remember, I began styling my hair religiously since 1994 when I got inspired by Jim Carry in Ace Ventura. On hindsight, I’m sure my kindergarten teachers must have been peeved by my outlandish hairstyle - but never mind the history.


A good place to start when it comes to hair care is a good haircut. A good haircut - one that is not necessarily exorbitant - makes styling much easier. To put things into perspective, it is going to take you twice as long to comb an Armani if your haircut is a Faux Hawk. Likewise for women, it’s going to take a miracle to turn a choppy concave bob into a precision cut.

So let’s assume that our haircut is all swanky. What I do next (or at least try to) is to blow dry it out and then start creating some texture with wax or clay. The common knowledge is to buy those that are not too greasy. Otherwise it adds weight to the hair making it flop and look unnatural. The wrong hair product not only makes your hair look dry but also affects the health of your complexion when you perspire. Trust me, I’ve had my share of bad hair moments.

After you have your general shape it is best that you secure it with some hairspray. Hurrah! (Tempting as it may be, the word ‘some’ is key here, not ‘hairspray’! So apply sparingly) It is handy to note that you can spray some onto your fingertips when styling the ends of your hair for greater definition. As a rule of thumb, never, NEVER, twirl a lock of hair till it forms some semblance of a spike (this is the common tactic when your hair doesn’t stand naturally). Such crafty science projects often result in a bunch of Churros on the head, and it ain’t pretty. If you find yourself in that precarious situation, you’re probably using too much hair product or you didn’t blow-dry enough.

Well, this is certainly no rocket science and I’m sure most of you have already put these tips into good practice. If not, why not get started; it takes time to master this art.

*This is not a product review or an advertorial.

Images By Dinie Rahman.


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