Stradivarius opened their doors to the public last week, the brand’s first ever store in South-East Asia. The clothes were sellable and are big on embellishments. I would say that subtlety is not a word to be associated with the brand, well at least not for this season’s collection. The garments were overworked with sequins or Swarovski and heavy on details, even basic such as jeans were encrusted with diamond studs. If you’re one of those Balmainian, you would love what Stradivarius have in store for you!

The interior of the shop is hip and young, great atmosphere all over and made more cozy by the staffers. It is a little dusty which made shopping unpleasant.

As for the price point, it’s more towards the high-end street-wear market. I did bring home a bag and bought a few tees so I had a rough (not sure how accurate my review is since it was based on one bag) idea of the quality standard. An hour after using the bag, the handle tore and the pocket bag on the inside had a huge hole in it. I had it returned and got a new one, but a day after using it, the handle looks like it would tear anytime. I would say that it’s expensive for quality as such.



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