I’ve been meaning to do an introductory post but the government had other plans, abducting my teammates and making them play with guns in the jungle. Seriously what’s the point of military? We at ONESIXTYNOTEPAD play with glitters, gold glitters not guns.


While most of you are familiar with Ridhwan (who is also serving the nation atm), let me introduce you to the blog’s newest addition (also a contributor at MYKROMAG), Nabil Aliffi.

We met three years ago, It was backstage at a show, he was in his all-white uniform with an (orange?) Hermes Constance belt. Who pairs that with a school uniform right? Right, only someone who eats, lives, and breathes fashion. From first impression, I’ve always thought that he is truly a diamond in the rough.

You see, Nabsters is an interesting character; to us he is like a younger brother, barely legal but really smart (smarter than me actually) and reliable. We faced difficulties understanding and having doubts (maybe because he’s an actor? hah) about his intentions at first but with time, he turned to this great friend and teammate. He’s all about the 411s and hard work. He’s the missing piece to the puzzle that completes the team. Always fun to have him around!

Well there you go. I’ll not make this post into a matchmaking agency page okay? I’m sure you’ll get to know more about him in the entries to come, so stay tuned!



  1. I miss Nabsters! We should all meet up soon!

    p.s: i'll be damn touched if i were feature on OSN!

  2. you'll only be featured if you wear heels.

  3. wedges counted? im wearing that almost everyday. heh


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