L’Oreal is larger than you think. Glossy hairspray and bouncy curls aside, the Singapore office also manages a wide range of brands that includes Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren. This year, the group is bringing back L’Oreal Brainstorm, an international competition that is targeted at tertiary students with dreams to build a business empire.

In its ninth year in Singapore, the theme for the competition is Men’s Grooming and the teams play the role of L’Oreal’s International Brand Manager in their challenge to revamp the Diesel brand. As it stands, 4 Singapore finalists have been selected out of 77 participating teams. The remaining contending teams will battle it out on 18th May 2010 at Klapsons The Boutique Hotel. The victor ultimately gets to represent Singapore in the finals in Paris, vying for a chance at being handpicked to work for L’Oreal.

One Sixty Notepad will be following the developments of this competition closely and will be feeding you with the necessary 411s. If you are a shameless L’Oreal brethren like myself (I used to gel my hair with Ultim Fix Gel every morning without fail back in Kindergarten), you ought to await the feeds. And plus, I heard they are also giving out freebies. Join the L'Oreal Brandstorm Singapore Fanpage and look up the OSN Facebook fanpage for more details. Sounds good? Yes, ‘Because You’re Worth It‘.


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